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Why is my candle tunneling?

Tunneling! A word you may have come across before to describe what a candle looks like after it has been lit and it looks a little like this

This is my partner that actually caused this 😂 He just doesn't listen to me!!

So what causes a candle to tunnel?

Firstly there is an art to burning a candle and once you know this you will be able to enjoy your candle for longer, melting all of the wax evenly..... right to the bottom!

Wax has a memory so where ever you burn your candle too after the first burn it will always remember where to burn too after every burn.

Its important to burn your candle on its first burn so its reaches the edges of the glass, usually 3 hours, if this is done then it will always burn straight down to the bottom evenly

When you order a candle from me you will receive this card! Please read it! And thank me later 😊

So next up..... What can be done if your candle has tunnellng? is it fixable?

It sure is!!

If you find that you have ignored my instruction card & this happens then just take some foil & wrap it around your candle, turn the foil over the top to cover most of where its tunnelled, please do leave a gap in the middle!!

Foil retains heat so after a couple of hours you should have a pool of wax going right up to the edges of your candle.

Never leave a candle unattended

And if you want to prevent soot causing unnecessary fumes and making the glass black, then trim your wick before each burn!!

Have a lovely weekend & enjoy your candle

Carla xx

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Mar 09
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I usually throw my candles away when this starts happening! Time to send my husband out for lots of tin foil!

Mar 09
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Sounds like a good idea!