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Fathers day & why they love scents too

There's no denying that the majority of my customers that purchase from me are women but one thing I have noticed especially when doing my craft fairs is how much men love scents too, and yet I don't think I have ever bought Dave a candle!! After shave yes, but not a scented product for our home for him & yet I love receiving them!

The men that I meet at my fayres love choosing the scents with their partners, or they wonder over on their own to sample scents but how many men actually go & treat them selves to a scented candle?

They need to find time to relax too, the hard working ones, the fathers, the ones juggling the house, we have lots of scents that I have definitely noticed being picked up & sampled, including our gorgeous Tobacco & vanilla, filled with warmth, top notes of tobacco leaf and spices, middle notes are Tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla and cacao, base notes are dried fruits and woody notes or our pomegranate noir, this candle emits a tantalizing blend of pomegranate, raspberry and plum fragrance.

Musk & sandlewood, Its musk aroma is subtly sweet, while its sandalwood scent is earthy and warm. When lit, this candle will fill your home with a tranquil atmosphere

And its not just candles, I've met a few wax melt lovers!! Diffusers, treat them to one for the office perhaps.

So if you are looking for that special gift this fathers day be sure to check out our scents I promise you he will love them!

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