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Our slogan....

I looked into having a slogan not long after the business was named, I know companies have them.. they can be catchy and end up representing that company perfectly....but, I was a small business so didn't really think I needed one.

Up until a few months back....I was chatting to a client of mine about branding and the importance of a slogan and how I was constantly striving to make the business grow and give it its own identity and here is what I learnt.

  • It does build brand identity, it increases brand recognition, it gives your customers a clear message of what your company is about & what it represents.

  • It can help you stand out, it can evoke a positive feeling & trust in that brand

I had already thought of a slogan a year ago but didn't know how to use it across my branding until I wrote down why I had originally chose it and what it meant for my business

I started this company on the back of being a beautician, I loved that when women were leaving me after a treatment they would say how they actually switched off or calmed their thoughts, and they walked away feeling refreshed, not only was I providing the best treatments I could, but I provided a calming atmosphere, clean space, chilled out music, fresh flowers & nice scents and a listening ear if needed.

That then got me thinking how I like to unwind, I run a business, I have four sons, a dog, a house.... life is hectic at times.

Running a bath, lighting a candle, telling my family not to disturb me, picking up a book makes me unwind, it stops me in my tracks, it pauses me and that is sometimes all I need, to re set almost.....and then carry on!

So when I started selling my candles & could see how much people loved the scent & how it made them smile & close there eyes for a second "more than just a scent" just came to me and it felt right

And so there you have it..... My slogan represented my company perfectly, I want my brand to be more than just a scent from making those purchases and receiving your products. I want it to help calm you, allow you to pause, evoke those precious memories, take time out of your hectic life and find your moment.

Because we all need and deserve that.....right?

So when you see "More than just a scent" across my branding you now know what it means and where it came from.

Love lots



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Jun 10, 2023
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