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Life has been busy as ever since we returned from our family holiday at the beginning of July

We went to Turkey which was lovely however far from perfect when travelling as a family of 6!! Way too many personalities to please, that said we did all have a great time.

And Turkey is beautiful, we were well looked after & the food was perfect.

Decision time.

Those that know me well know that before setting up Thame Aromas I worked as a self employed beautician which when I started back in 2019 my goal was to run a successful business which I did & I loved it, fast forward to 2021 & the idea of starting a new venture combining the two business' wouldn't leave me & so Thame Aromas was launched.

Thame Aromas has grown rapidly & I've grown with it, I knew that by growing a new company my beauty business would be affected but I was looking at years down the line.

These past few months both business' have become extremally busy which I'm so grateful for, but being a mother to 4 active boys as well as juggling both jobs was becoming harder & I was losing time for myself....Never a good mix!!

Downtime always allows you to pause, step back & clear your thoughts so I made the decision to close my beauty business to new clients & just see some regulars one day a week (I love the social side to much)

This will allow me to shift all my focus now on Thame Aromas which I'm really excited about

So these past couple of weeks I have added new collections to the website, I've started making wax melt sample disc & they are being added to the website as I make them.

My suppliers orders are now all up to date (you guys really are the best) and of course I love getting your orders packed & shipped to you.

Thanks for all your product scent suggestions, these are always noted & eventually added

The latest one was 'can you do Myrrh & Tonka in a diffuser'? I sure can & picked it up yesterday & I'll add it today

Summer holidays are here so I might be a little quieter on socials, but know that I'm always working hard when I can behind the scenes especially as I start planning for our Autumn range.

Take care of yourselves

Carla xx

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Jul 26, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Well done Carla 🤍 xx

Jul 26, 2023
Replying to

Thank you ❤️ names aren’t displayed on here but I am grateful for your comment xx