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How to burn your wax melts & how to clean your burner

I've created a few tips on how to get the best from your wax melts

Wax melts are like a wickless candle providing you hours of your favourite scent that fills a room, leaving a lasting aroma even after your tealight has burnt out

Wax melts, pieces of scented wax that are heated in a decorative burner providing hours of your favourite scents.

  1. Always use a 4 hour tea light when using your burner. I do not recommend the 8 hour tea light as these will create to much heat, it will burn your wax too quickly causing it to burn the fragrance so that it wont allow it time to wrap its aromas around the room.

2. Our cubes are highly scented & go along way. You literally only need one cube at a time to burn, any more can cause over flowing wax which becomes messy on your burner & potentially dangerous. (hot wax burns the skin!)

Each cube will last using 3-4 tea lights, once you can no longer smell the scent its time to change your wax melt.

3. Cleaning your burner- A question I get asked a lot

once your wax melt no longer has a scent & has solidified, light a tea light & gently melt the wax, just enough for the edges to start melting, using some cotton pads lightly place on top of the wax & wipe it out (pop it in the bin) if you want to wash the burner up use some warm soapy water on it to remove any dirt, dust and remaining wax, then you are ready to use a fresh cube of wax.

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