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Reed diffusers, why we love them so much

Who doesn't love a reed diffuser? Not only are they an aesthetic addition to any home decor, they are a safe way to fragrance a room in your home

Reed diffusers provide that continual slow long lasting fragrance that can last up to 6 months

Did you know we use a vegan ageuo diffuser base with our scented fragrance oils.

A safe alternate to add fragrance to the home when a candle isn't an option

To get the best throw scent from your reed diffuser place them in a smaller room, sometimes the scent can get lost in a bigger room.

The black fibre reeds hold the scent and are what provides that long lasting scent, to refresh that fresh burst of scent turn the reeds upside down now & again (just be careful not to irritate your skin when handling the reeds)

Reed diffusers are safer to use if you don't like a naked flame burning, they are so simple to use

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Mar 11, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

they smell lovely

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