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Heart candle gift box

Heart candle gift box

PriceFrom £12.99

Made to order- please allow a few extra days for delivery or collection 


Our sculptured soy wax heart candles are a delightful and eco-friendly choice for adding a touch of warmth and charm to any space. These candles are crafted from soy wax, a natural and renewable resource derived from soybean oil.

 The heart-shaped design adds an element of romance and elegance, making these candles perfect for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries, or simply as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Our soy wax heart candles are a charming and sustainable choice that combines beauty with functionality.





Our sculptured candles are handmade & hand poured using eco friendly & vegan ingrediants

Packaging - Recyacble packaging

Ingrediants - 100% soy wax, eco wicks, fragrance oil

Designed for decorative use only

Always refer to our candle care guide before burning a candle


These gifts sets are sold in a set of two candles

Due to being handmade each candle is therefore unique, slight imperfections may be present including air bubbles

  • Candle care

    These candles are for decorative purposes only

    Please place candles out of direct sunlight & away from heat sources as this will cause them to lose their shape. 

    In the event that you want to burn them place candle on a heat proof deep tray, wax spillage is expected with these candles 

    As our scuptured candles are made to order please allow 2 weeks to burn them so it allows the fragrance oil to cure, this will allow the best fragrance thow.

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